Watch These Amazing Ways How Sweden is turning its waste into 2 weeks ago   19:26

Richard Aguilar
Turning Human Waste into Energy.
Turning Food Waste Into Watts Of Electricity.
How Sweden is turning its waste into gold.
Biofuel from garbage might not be that 'green'.
German waste-to-energy draws foreign trash.
Turning poop into power, not pollution.
New Yorkers Turning Food Scraps into Energy.

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Ho Chang
very informative. Thanks.
ace montana
You guys I lobe what my company is doing I opped in this an i have not looked back since I made a few hundred bucks an didn't know I was helping my community or turnimg my investment into double with cryptocurrency converted into token.. For all the folks who got involved in bitcoins this is the same thing but better opp in now am help save our planet. Invest in your community an earn money for burning waste you don't touch. Invest as much as you like you will love whatnyou see
Borys Kerchu
I think you can make it with Avasva solutions.
Bob Jackson
It's unfortunate that whatever innovation people come up with there are always some nit picking greenies who raise trivial concerns and try to stop any kind of progress.
And now we need more cows to produce methane to have more gas for cooking and warming houses ...?
Rafael Aquino
This is good lf somebody from the government, say environmental would look into thie idea.
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How Sweden is turning its waste into Watch These Amazing Ways 2 weeks ago   10:21

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When it comes to environmental awareness and waste management, Sweden is one of the world's champions. The country recycles nearly all of its waste and - in the process - generates electricity and heating. France 2's Claire Colnet reports, with Nicholas Rushworth.
A programme prepared by Patrick Lovett and Laura Burloux.

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