Can A City Run On 100% Renewable Energy? Why Do Vicious Killers Make Good 2 weeks ago   14:29

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In 2014 Burlington, Vermont became the first city in the United States to run on 100% Renewable Energy. But how do they actually do it? What’s their secret?

Thanks to Miguel Franco for helping to make this episode possible

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Neile Lunderville, Miro Weinberger, Mike Kanarick, Dave MacDonnell, Jon Clark and the Burlington Electric Department

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Hyber qb
Jesus Christ but I haddnt seen anyone there heard celulosis dust causes cancer in that bussines! Like f-ing masks!
Good stuff only if for show stop making self there fucking bollocks! Stop giving me fucking creeps and wear fucking mask at stages for Jeasus Christ. God may have mercy.
Tyler Dillon
this whole BIOMASS thing is not good however because after a while you take nutrients out of the air unless they are putting manure back into the soil its not sustainable
This is colossaly stupid for two reasons:
1. Energy prices in Vermont are pretty high because of the pseudo-renewable energy.
2. Burning wood chips creates MORE emissions than burning Natural gas, gasoline or even crude oil. It´s "renewable" in the sense that you can grow the fuel but it´s worse for the environment.
3. The wood requires cutting down forests/plantations, which in turn take up space that would be available to wild plants and animals.

Yet another stupid attempt to virtue signal to the world how "green" their solution is, while in reality, it does more harm to nature than using good old oil.
Michael Cross
Doing nothing is bad. Doing the wrong thing is almost as bad. Not knowing that you are doing the wrong thing is stupid.
Bernie 2020
Shaun van Niekerk
love everything, just the trees is a no.
ben burton
Bio mass is a con
Luis M
Im not entirely sold on this, it cant be scalable and its still polluting despite the whole planting newer trees absorb more co2 thing.
Its not renewable energy if you are burning wood chips at a higher rate at which they can grow. The term renewable energy in this instance is being adulterated to fit the narrative.
Aman Khan
New trees will be observing more carbon-Americans 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nobody asked that what is their ratio of Cutting Trees Vs Planting Trees by them. Also, the forest contains diversified trees; not only of one kind. So what kind of trees are they planting or planting just one kind of tree?
M1kis Stunt
This is awesome
Władca Wymiaru
Can country run on "clean energy" :
A step in the right direction toward alternative energy, but we are still a long way from reaching true 100% alternative energy. There are still the gas powered cars and other things that require fossil fuels, so while the grid has become mostly alternative energy powered, there is still the other aspects such as transportation which in that city are doing better than most.
Surya Kant
Its worse than burning coal
Risa Moore
yes it is
Aviation James, and the brown bears
So you cut down 600,000 trees a year?!
Ok...when you say to how you going to address CO2 emission "new tree are going to absorb CO2" then you don't deserve the discussion of 'Renewal Clean Energy'.
OK the greens have been banging on about green power and climate change for years and you have Acres of solar panels but what happens to the solar panels when they get hit by one of those violent climate change storms the greens are always on about ? when you get a hail storm and the ice is coming down as big as golf balls that entire solar aray is going to be fked ,

And what happens to all of the damaged solar panels ? you cant recycle them your going to have to landfill them and they are not going to bio degrade being sealed units ,

Looking around the adds you can people trying to sell off damaged solar panels and as the climate gets worse as they keep telling us there are going to be thousands more damaged solar panels ! /UK
Roberts TV
Realistic. Ca needs to look at this example.
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Why Do Vicious Killers Make Good Can A City Run On 100% Renewable Energy? 2 weeks ago   08:00

Cats are considered an invasive species and kill literally billions of birds and small mammals each year. But they're so cute and cuddly! Could there be some sort of connection between their predatory nature and their lovableness?

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