War in Ukraine 2018 - One Day in Ukrainian Trenches Slaya Ukrayini! Compilaion of Ukrainian 2 weeks ago   04:33

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Ukraine War 2018 - One typical day of Ukrainian soldiers on the frontline filmed by military operator Evgen Nazarenko.

*DISCLAIMER* This footage is part of a war archive of the war in Ukraine and should be viewed as an educational and historical film about the military conflict. This footage is also to be taken as a raw documentary on the events of the conflict in Ukraine. The video STRICTLY for informational, documentary and historical purposes only! This footage is not meant to glorify war or violence. The video is not intended to offend anyone. I am only sharing this footage for the purposes of news reporting, sharing important information with the public and educating. This is a war documentary.

Video Credit: Evgen Nazarenko - https://w-vids.com/profile/KS7e98SRwGpqJKmVEi9tQ-ww

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Military Archive
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big papi
how are they communicating over a radio when they dont have ear protection and theyre fucking launching shells?
Do you know something i don't dream about? Getting shelled by Russian separatists while trapped inside a cold and dark trench
Rimas Palcus
Svinoukry .ukraina=DNO EBANOE😁😁😁😁
Stas Gotsko
Soon China buy all russia ,dond worry
Ketsa Official
The guy just throws the rocket cause it didn't fire wtf
Ketsa Official
Terrifying to wait under indirect fire.
quma 25
Arma 2 predicted this.
Michael Bread
1,000 comment. Jesus. They never show how terrifying this is in the movies. The poor lighting, how close the rounds feel, and the fear in the other guys' shadowed faces is intense.
Squad never gets old
nermin brodlic
☮️ peace
Meanwhile, mainstream news is like, "The war in Ukraine is so 2014."
Reaper5.56 Xx
Hopefully the Weapons deal trump gave Ukraine will help
Dean Carruthers
What happened to the war in Ukraine playlist
Angelo Bovara
How do we know this isnt old footage?
bo lars
If you Think 1 second that russia Will give green light soo ukrainerne Can let eroupe milis free pass to Enter and have army personale inside Ukraine (russia) Ukraine is russia in fact look the storybooks
Bełżec Soap Company
Thanks Obama.
New Russia be like: *autistic screeching*
Adrian G
Absolutely terrifying... I personally know the feeling of arty rounds flying overhead.. but this shit was RELENTLESS
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Slaya Ukrayini! Compilaion of Ukrainian War in Ukraine 2018 - One Day in Ukrainian Trenches 2 weeks ago   02:54

My main focus will always be Syria but I wanted to make a short tribute to the brave Ukrainians who also resist the tyranny of Putin's regime by battling against his terrorists and the Russian Army in Ukraine. I've always been encouraged by the solidarity between Ukrainians and Syrians, both are struggling against Russian aggression. It's the honest truth that defeating Putin in Ukraine will cause his plans for Syria to fail and vice versa. Putin's evil aggression must be stopped everywhere it takes root!

Footage ranges from 2014 all the way to early 2018 (one video), Ukrainian volunteers and soldiers can be seen using 9K111 "Fagot" ATGMs, 9M113 Konkurs, and possibly a Ukrainian-made "Skif" in the 2018 footage (2:04)

Slaya Ukrayini! Heroyam Slava!

Victory to the heroic Revolutionaries of Syria and to the heroic Defenders of Ukraine!

The song used is called "О, УКРАЇНО!" (Oh, Ukraine!) Here's a link to where I found it: https://w-vids.com/videow/NNFOzPvY1ps

All credit for the last video of the Ukrainian flag flying goes to the YouTuber Bryan Schaaf. You can visit his channel following this link: https://w-vids.com/profile/KSl6P_x47IgcD-toQAUlbfiG

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