This is the time : Ukraine to take 10 WEAKEST Military Troops That 1 week ago   10:11

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Representatives of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, will take part in one of largest strategic military exercises in the history of NATO, Trident Juncture 2018, which will start in Norway on October 25, reported the Public Relations Office of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.The active phase of Trident Juncture 2018, which involves 45,000 interspecific contingent of troops, will last until November 7. In addition to the 29 countries of the Alliance, military units from Sweden and Finland will also take part in the exercises.


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Philip V
Destruction of ukraine begins🤣
Taqi Yasir
God Bless NATO. FUCK russia to hell.
3. World War would mean millions dead. Fucking Army ... Fucking war. !!!!!!! freedom for all world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Udon word
This is what Nato is for , Coop against the bullys of the world :)
Jobrill Hunter
USA go go go...
Rico Jazz
USA loves fascists anywhere they can find them.
Lars Levin Berget
Bullshit incorporated
May Alexander
The US has been trying to get control of Ukraine for 20 years minimum. Orange Revolution anyone? "Yats is our man" " F the EU" Nuland ....Crimea declared its Independence during the Overthrow of a legitimate democratically elected government Finland did this in 1917, should it be now part of Russia? The Crimeans Mostly Russian overwhelmingly voted to join back with Russia.
David Mikkelsen
WW2 over again!!
Tom Hatle
Welcome to Norway. Brothers in arms
Hans Marheim
Great! Let's kill each other. Is that's the point of human "civilisations',? Or is it just very good for the American military industrial complex? I hate my tax money Finance war mongering.
Dava Golino
So, we the US are going to do more of George Soros dirty work in the UKRAINE, AGAIN? THIS IS WRONG, WRONG...WE NEED OUT OF THE EU RUN NATO. As an American this nonsense about Brett Kavanaugh was the same as the criminal lies from the EU controlled Theresa May about RUSSIA, that sadly my President because of the EU controlled NATO is supporting. the BIG difference is the history of the world is paying for it.
We need to end the EU influence the has taken over the UK and NATO. We need to stop demonizing President Putin and Russia. We need out of NATO. China and the EU are the REAL ENEMY. WE HAVE FOUGHT China in VIETNAM and The Korean conflict. listening to the EU controlled UK is causing us to lose out and we are pushing Russia, who should be our high value ally, toward China. Stop the sanctions against Russia. Back in the 1950s and on, BP Oil was a joint oil venture between us and Britain. Let's make a new oil venture with Russia, RP Oil. it would be so much smarter. we should be standing with Russia in Syria AND THAT IS ALL ABOUT MOVING OIL AND GAS... to Europe. this would end the Terrorist problems in the middle east. if Russian and America joined forces in a Corporate oil Venture it would solve so many world problems. Russia is a free market with a growing economy. China is COMMUNIST who needs are free market to pay for its economy.
Timothy Seeger
Kiss that smelly murican @ss 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
jaysingh laz
md soyeb
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10 WEAKEST Military Troops That This is the time : Ukraine to take 1 week ago   07:09

10 countries that DON'T have the strongest military soldiers in the world.
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We might think that militaries all over the world are full of big, strong men and incredible, brave women. But not everyone's army fits into that perspective, and some aren’t even half as brave as we automatically assume. There are definitely some military troops out in the world who will go out to fight without a care in the world, and they do it because of the pride that they feel for their country. But there are other armies out there who simply don’t have the support or knowledge of how to fight with the same amount of power. Some of these troops simply don’t have the manpower to sufficiently protect their countries, and others are being let down by corruption or problems higher up the ladder. Either way, the troops in this video aren't the ones that you’ll want to run to if ever you’re in need.

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