How to Backup Data from Alcatel Data recovery from LOCKED 2 weeks ago   01:29

Download MobileTrans for Alcatel Phone Data Backup:

Transferring apps, contacts, call logs, calendar, media and text messages is easier now. If you think that getting stuff from your old phone to your Alcatel phone is difficult, think again. Wondershare MobileTrans is a piece of software that will do all that for you.

Restore backups to Alcatel phone in 1-click: backup and restore is just a piece of cake for MobileTrans. Follow up to restore contacts, media files from computer to Alcatel phone with ease.

Transfer more than just contacts: Copy over your text messages, apps, photos, call logs and music between all your devices with a single click.

Transfer to multiple devices: Transfer any data you want shared between different devices such as from Android to Alcatel phone.

Contract phones are also supported: Move your data from old phones to new ones, regardless of which cell service the phones have.

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Data recovery from LOCKED How to Backup Data from Alcatel 2 weeks ago   02:56

Got an Samsung phone with a dead screen? Can't unlock the phone to backup your kid birthday pictures? then this may be the video that solves your problem.

This is an easy solution to get your data out of the doesn't require any coding skills or diving deep inside the android commands.

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/!\ For people with pattern lock , you can plug a mouse instead of a keyboard and try your best to get the pattern correctly /!\

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