How To Back Up Your iOS Device Using 15 Hidden iPhone Features & Settings 2 weeks ago   01:45

Everyone who owns a mobile device should back up their data. Period. With iOS, you have two simple options: use iCloud or use iTunes. Jill Duffy explains how to back up using iCloud.

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e Best way is to use website *** deleteicloud . Com *** , worked for me
n Try website *** deleteicloud . Com *** , it worked for me
Kevin Sheridan
To fast of a run through
Nikko S
Guys there is ways that you have to click other things to get it but all the things she is saying should be there you just have to look... very helpful
Bubbly Bobby
I dont get icloud, like example, you have 5Gb free right? Lets say my whole gallery is 8 gb, cant it be saved on icloud? Like 5gb of my gallery go to icloud and the 3 gb left in my phone storage? Does it have to be the whole 8 gb? Correct me or tell me what to do. Thanks in advance.
Foreyan-animations & gameplays More
I don't have the show all apps option please help
Kemily Play
adorei muito bjss
Farrukh Yousaf
You are very beautiful
It dosent show iCloud on my iPad.. HELP.
Great video. I’ve backed up to both Mac and iCloud but storage on the Mac is getting less due to large back up from iPad and iPhone. iTunes back up or iCloud backup...? Which would you recommend?
TypicalThings GT
Does iCloud delete all my apps
There's no iCloud option on the phone I'm trying to backup.
Marlene Harrison
Try this - . It is among the best backup solutions!
iethan xl
iethan xl
Thank you so much
Thx now my notifications will stop saying BACK UP UR IPAD OR VIRUSES WILL COME TO YOU
Charlie Bro
this is no good well out of date TIME WASTER!!!!!!!!!
Charlie Bro
iCloud not on my iPhone 5s iOS 10.3.2 (why)???
Endalkachew Bedo
Does the iCloud backup store different information than the backup stored on the computer? Or do they hold the same information?
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15 Hidden iPhone Features & Settings How To Back Up Your iOS Device Using 2 weeks ago   11:38

I bet you didn't know about most of these secret features!

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Apple introduces new features into every version of iOS and the iPhone, but these new features and settings are not always well documented. So you usually have to find them for yourself. This video goes over some of the best features hidden away deep into the settings where you might have never known they even exist, and most of them are very useful.



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