Renewable Energy Explained in 2 1/2 Minutes What is Solar Energy? 2 weeks ago   02:41

Dane Bliss Design
This is an unofficial explainer video I created for a college project. I decided to gear it toward The assets went from Adobe Illustrator to After Effects. This animation explains the different types of energy such as, fossil fuels, biomass, nuclear and renewables.

Written, animated and illustrated by Dane Bliss
Music by: Essa:
Voiceover by: Mike Porter:

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German translation by Robert Orzanna

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Shaun Kelly
A very good film let's all go renewable
Charles Frogg
Renewable energy has never generated one watt of base load synchronous power ever. So if you are going to use renewables to power the world when will the engineering and ability to provide base load renewable power be perfected ???? Renewable energy like your nuclear fusion reactors is all bull shit.
tinku ray
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Haliburton Solar and Wind
Great explainer video!
The answer is modern monetary theory. We can use money to move real resources between countries and sectors for the betterment of our planet. Since the "free market" only acts when there's profit involved, we will need the government's help to do the heavy lifting for society's gains and benefit. Not just for the capitalists.
Magda Poznanianka
Paliwa kopalne są najważniejsze!!!
Darragh Magee
We haven't actually achieved Fusion that doesn't take more energy than it creates, what we use today is nuclear fission
Злата Добрая
А ещё существуют безтопливные генераторы Александра Кугушова!
its fission not fusion at the moment.
Corey Mcniel
I did something very similar, new plans from Avasva helped me with this.
Cody C
greetings! can i ask your permission to use your video for our school project?
Pedian Benedec
grasias por los sup bro
amit sharma
Green and cheap energy are real. Is the governments are ready for change the economy course.
محمد عبدالغنى
oh i wish if all the world have a renewable energy my friends told me that if the world stay like this the earth will be like mars so we should have a renewable energy every where!so cool not cool it is amazing it help me in school
Dheemaan Mehta
we YEET with energy
Michael Worsham
* Very good for people getting into the solar electricity world. Whether you have a deep understanding of electricity or you have basic knowledge,[Awesome Plan Here >>> ]  this will guide you towards the right system for you. Everything you need to know to get started and build an effective system is right there.*
Amanti Mcneill-Lester
this helped me so much
Electrolysis is also renewable, albeit hilariously expensive. Good video.
Sam King
This is why I want to study civil engineer in energy system
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What is Solar Energy? Renewable Energy Explained in 2 1/2 Minutes 2 weeks ago   05:08

This video gives a simple but compelling introduction to solar energy. Did you know that all of the energy we use comes from the sun,? You probably know that’s true for solar panels, but the sun is also the ultimate source for energy generated by wind, water, and fossil fuels. Watch this video to learn more about renewable sources of energy and more!


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