How to get Files off a Broken Phone Samsung Android Phone data 2 weeks ago   03:09

Having problems? Try following tutorial:

Hello and welcome today we will show you how to get files off a broken phone.
Disclaimer: Do this at your own risk
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My phone does not respond at all
Joe M.
This DOES WORK ... but if you have a password on your phone like most people do so that the can "Hide DICK PICS" or "Hide the messages you have of your moms friends tits" or "Hide your gay conversations on craigslist" or... .... because really, y'all blast your shit all over Instagram and Facebook so why lock your phone? Then you find yourself in this position... then you take it to a "Phone Guy" and he steals all your personal shit anyway... so who you really hiding from? Lol ... ... anyway... SAMSUNG S5 Oct.5/2018 this "Trick" worked... ... got my Dick pics back and I'm sending them to my moms friends again ;) lol .... .... .... WHITE TRASH AND HELLBOUND
Its simple when he cut the video he swapped the broke phone to a fully new working one he has two the same but one broken one working thats why it was cut you can tell if you pay close attention to the phones screen before he cuts it their are cracks and after the cut their are no cracks simple he is tricking you guys!
Violet Miles
This would be great if it worked but my phone doesn't show up on the computer
gemalyn gaspar
Sim data action
Vineet Kulkarni
It's not showing anything on the laptop
EnergY ArmY
Omg..... how u done this..... ? ........ SUCKER..... And my lil bro can done it
Geoff Thomson
Hello everyone. This is the first item I opened when I put in the query about a broken phone and getting the information back off it - and it worked! My phone was dead and now I have a lot of the information I wanted saved on my main computer. Unfortunately I think I have lost my calendar entries, although I am still working on that. This video tutorial has really helped me so a massive thumbs up from me to those who made it.
Brendon Milligan
Does not fucking work, and this is why children should stay off of the internet.
Ahmad Iqbal
it's fake
Ethan Rahn
my a5 2017 shows up as adb sideload and if i use adb pull it dosent work
FaZe Sniip3Zz
my phone has a virtual home button
Tia Synti
What if you broke your board in your phone? Can the photos that are saved by my device be retrieved? I'm so hurt, because I had such good pictures in my phone, particularly on my snapchat😔😔
I rlly hope this works
how did this video get so many likes smh
Tal Uzana
Even after turning off the phone and back on it doesn't work
Brownie Plays
How do u get the files onto ur computer
hamada assaad
changing the phone just to show that you are smart your a piece of shit fking aSS HOLE please all dislike his video and report him fk you burn in hell
sina youtube
I had subscribe on your, please help subscribe me back
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Samsung Android Phone data How to get Files off a Broken Phone 2 weeks ago   07:34

I had a problem with my old android note 2. My screen went bad when I dropped it. I could not unlock it to get the photos of the internal storage device. Here is how I unlocked it get the pictures off

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