How Google solved our photo backup Apple Thinks You're Stupid. 2 weeks ago   06:20

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Google released an all new Photos product at Google I/O 2015 that works on both Android and the iPhone. It’s free, and it’s awesome.


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Anthox Lind el
Funny they said never use it for ads, now I'm watching this in 2018 and they use it for ads anyway,,, but still trust still not goes away in a hurry..
Gamecocks 101
Never go hear to watch tech videos. It's totally biased
Mark Shirley
I like Google Photos for my own use but when I share a link to people very often they can't download the images or videos - it's often people with iPhones - I give most of the time and end up putting the files on Dropbox or WeTransfer them - very frustrating - I can't find an answer anywhere why some people can't download - do they need the Google Photos app on their phone to make it work.
I have 652 photos. But in Google images it only shows 67. It shows from this month only till last year December. I need those other photos! Help.
preben nielsen
How do you make a video that in the first seconds spell Android as "ANROID"?
What about individual privacy and Artificial intelligence access to personal stuff uploaded
over the net. How hackers may play with the content uploaded. What the policies promise for long term.
when u transfer all of your photos on ios to google photos can you delete the on the main camera roll itself (iphone camera roll) without loosing all of the photos
>downscaled images
Michael O'Leary
google photos suck u cant move or sort i don't wanna copy doubling my space use, i want to move photos into albums ..
Rick Martinez
how do you keep all photos and videos from syncing back to your phone? I've got a bunch of videos to upload from my computer, but now all of those videos are being synced to my phone clogging it up!!
Vedraj r.m
at 1:57 he was going to say unlimited"forever"
but then changed it to "for free"
so i guess its not forever
winnie holtermann-jensen
Could you tell me how I get rid of all the duplicates, there are soooo many of in google photos
Elongated Muskrat
So I have an iPhone, and I'm about to get a Samsung Galaxy s7. If I store my photos in google photos on my iPhone now will I be able to access them on my new Samsung?
Sanjib Sen
I trust verge more than google
Handing all your photos to GOOGLE is INSANE
the only thing I wondered is that does anyone else can see my photos online? or those are only seen by me?
David Adjei
so i can delete all of my photos off my gallery ?
he has like a million notifications on his phone. someone needs to help him!
Byron Wright
I hope there are never any ads and that it always stays free. this is my go to for backing up all of my photos.
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Apple Thinks You're Stupid. How Google solved our photo backup 2 weeks ago   07:21

Apple's trying to fool you with the iPhone Xr. Don't let them treat you like that. Don't buy the iPhone Xr.

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